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Operation Hope

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Dear Operation Hope, 

Thank you for helping with my school work and being my second home.  You have inspired me by the love you have showed me. The people of Operation Hope helped me graduate from the eighth grade on to high school.  I am doing my best to try hard like they told me.  They took me on a lot of college trips.  I know which college I want to go to when I get older.  Thank you Operation Hope for everything.   


Alicia W.  

My name is Keosha D.   I am a 11th grader that attends Oakhaven High School.  After school, I attend Operation Hope.  This year was my first year attending and I really enjoy being in this program.  This program gives me the opportunity to become a better person and to follow my dreams.  The adults at Operation Hope make me feel at home.  They give me good advice that I can use for the rest of my life.  I thank you for supporting this program and giving children the opportunity to learn new things. 


Keosha D.   


Dear Operation Hope,

Operation Hope has impacted my life tremendously.  I have become a wiser person.  My experience here has opened my eyes as a person and as a Christian.  I, Charvell S., was first this person who didn’t really have a relationship with God, but I did acknowledge him as my Savior. Operation Hope has made me into a mature young lady and has opened my eyes to the real world, and they don’t sugar coat anything.  Operation Hope helped me expand my reading and writing abilities.  Also, they helped me achieve things that I would have never thought of.